Municipality head’s resignation accepted

KUWAIT: Well-informed Cabinet sources yesterday announced that Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmed Al-Subaih’s resignation was accepted after he was appointed secretary general of the Arab Cities Organization. The sources said that Subaih had submitted his resignation to Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari, who referred it to the Cabinet for approval. The sources added that the most prominent nominee to succeed Subaih was his assistant for urban organization Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, who currently serves as acting municipality director.

Saadoun slams politicians
Former parliament speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun said that boycotting the parliamentary elections helped ‘uncover corrupt individuals’ and debunk the idea that the former opposition was responsible for obstructing development in the country.
“Political movements that claim to be seeking reform must not cooperate and coordinate with those who are corrupt,” Saadoun said in a press statement. “Political forces that are supposed to be reformist should not open means of communications with the elements of corruption.”
The veteran oppositionist further revealed that a ‘closed-door meeting’ took place recently featuring “politicians who think they are smart enough by taking advantage of others,” adding that they are audio recordings available for what have been said during the meeting.

Trafficker sentenced to death
The criminal court yesterday sentenced an expatriate man to death over charges of drug trafficking, said security sources, noting that the suspect was found guilty of importing and possessing drugs for trade.

‘Huge rats’
Reports of ‘huge rats’ have been made in various areas of Dasma and Daiya yesterday morning. Residents in both areas reported seeing huge Norwegian rats ‘invading the streets’ in broad daylight, and even attacking kittens and puppies.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi and A Saleh

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