By Meshaal Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality deputy director for Capital and Jahra affairs Faisal Sadeq Al-Juma reviewed the efforts exerted by both governorates' field inspection teams of various facilities as part of precautionary measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, noting that the teams had issued 1,445 warning notices, closed 55 shops and cafes, filed 144 citations, closed five amusement centers and cleaned and decontaminated 25,712 garbage containers.

In a detailed review, Juma explained that the Capital inspection teams had cleaned and decontaminated 21,500 garbage containers and three garbage collection trucks, issued 1,285 warning notices, closed 29 shops and cafes, filed 85 citations and closed three amusement centers.

Juma added Jahra inspectors had cleaned and decontaminated 4,212 garbage containers and trucks, issued 160 warning notices, closed 26 shops and cafes, filed 59 citations and closed two amusement centers and 14 wedding halls.