Multi-headed tsunami

Dr Khalid Ahmad Al-Saleh

By Dr Khalid Ahmad Al-Saleh

A tsunami hit the Arab atmosphere as a result of a proposal by the United States of America, and this tsunami is growing larger against the proposal named the “Deal of the Century”. The angry wave against the proposal was like a tsunami that sweeps away all that is in its path without discrimination, and it was also rejected by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League. This is a proposal against which all are grabbing the microphone to condemn it.

If this tsunami subsides and succeeds in tearing the proposal apart, the Palestinians will remain in camps and in countries wishing to get rid of them. The Palestinians will remain at the mercy of rulers and parties who use them as cards for gains, and Palestinians will also remain steadfastly in a state of jihad, being born and dying under occupation or in the diaspora.

We do not know who manipulates this angry tsunami – is it the Palestinians’ opinions? Is it the action of sincere members of the Arab nation? Is it due to the actions of the Zionist leaders to prevent the creation of the State of Palestine? Or is it a multi-headed tsunami, where each speaks his own opinion? And finally, when the tsunami fades away and things become clear, who will enjoy the beauty of the landscape?

There are many issues that we do not know anything about. All we know is that there is a severe lack of seminars, discussions and symposiums for the owners of the cause, a major shortage in awareness to know the details of this deal written on tens of pages that have not been translated correctly yet.

Is this proposal harmful or beneficial? Is it a conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian cause or an opportunity to revive it? Does this deal serve Israel’s interests in total or relatively? Is this deal harmful to Israel in total or partially? Tens of questions that the brains floating over the angry tsunami do not have the answer to any part of them.

The Palestinians are distinguished people – that is why they are in the diaspora, so the Zionists cannot face them. For this reason, Israel may create an angry tsunami each time the dream of a Palestinian state comes closer. Those who ride the tsunami may be addicted to slogans and mercenaries along with those comfortable in their beds and moved by the media, and those who created this tsunami could be the sincere who know how dangerous this deal is.

Today, everyone is afraid of this tsunami, as the packaged accusations are ready and everyone is seeking safety. The only ones who will pay the price are those who were born and will die without a homeland. I do not know what this deal contains – we need its publication in full after its translation. We need legal experts and intellectuals to debate and explain it to the Palestinian people with its entire details, then leave it to the Palestinians to choose freely.

The choice of the Palestinian people should be away from other people’s choices and interests. You the Palestinian: It is easy to reject everything, but it is wise to study options and pick the best, including total rejection or joining negotiations – choices that carry the interests of your Palestinian people only.

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