Mubarak Hospital concludes workshop on urology

KUWAIT: Urology Department at Mubarak Hospital concluded a four-day urology workshop under the supervision of its head of urology unit Dr Adel Al-Hunayan, in the presence of professor Ahmad Al-Shal of Mansourah Kidney Transplant International Center.

The workshop included several lectures on the recent techniques for benign prostate tumor removal using laser laparoscopy, while seven surgeries were done over three days, and all patients made full recovery one day after the procedure.

Urologists from various urology surgery units in health ministry and military hospitals participated in the workshop, which is considered one of the activities that directly contribute to the continued educational training of doctors in various micro surgeries.

Dr Hunayan expressed appreciation for the major role of the health ministry by inviting specialized experts, supervising workshops and making available tools necessary to perform such surgeries while making this service available in various health ministry hospitals.

Statistics show that Mubarak Al-Kabeer outpatient clinics received nearly 6,808 patients in morning and 2,492 evenings shifts. Mubarak Hospital has 13 weekly clinics mornings and five evenings, and waiting time was reduced to one week at the most. Meanwhile, 900 scheduled surgeries were made last year, apart from emergency procedures which are made on a daily basis.

By Abdullatif Sharaa

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