MP Riyadh Al-Adasani

KUWAIT: Opposition MP Riyadh Al-Adasani yesterday threatened he would file to grill the finance minister if the government does not act properly over suspicion of money laundering at the Olympic Council of Asia. The lawmaker said the government has confirmed it had sent all the relevant documents to the public prosecution for a legal investigation, adding that the government should deal swiftly and promptly if the case was shelved for any reason.

He said that the finance minister must file a petition against any decision by the public prosecution to shelve the case. Adasani warned that if it becomes evident the case was shelved because authorities have not sent all the documents like what happened in the past, he will file to grill the minister.

The lawmaker recently asked the finance minister about suspicious deposits, transfers and withdrawal of cash and cheques by companies and persons, some of who belong to the Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia. He said that he was informed by the financial intelligence unit through an official reply by the finance minister that the entire case was referred to the public prosecution with complete documents.

In another issue, Adasani said he sent a question to the finance minister about the government's decision to sell part of its stake in a bank, estimated at around KD 490 million, at a public auction at Boursa Kuwait today. The stake was acquired by the government in 2008 when the bank faced a major crisis related to trade in derivatives during the global financial crisis. Adasani inquired if certain people or establishments have been barred from taking part in the auction and if the decision to sell was based on valid investment and economic studies.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammad Hayef yesterday praised HH the Amir for ordering a study into a fundamental solution for the problem of stateless people, but charged that certain quarters are blocking any solution. He said these were the sides that blocked the passage of the basic civil rights law for bedoons and who prevented debate on the fake passports investigation. The lawmaker called for transferring the case to a "wider circle" that shows interest in finding a solution for the decades-old problem, in which some 120,000 people are affected.

By B Izzak