Motorist killed in King Fahd Road accident

KUWAIT: An Indian man was killed when his vehicle flipped over on King Fahd Road. Police and paramedics rushed to the area and found the man had succumbed to his injuries. The body was examined by forensics, then turned over to the coroner.

Theft in Rawda
A company’s legal representative told police construction material was stolen from a building under construction in Rawda. Detectives took over the case and are investigating.

Celebratory gunfire
Weapons detectives arrested a Kuwaiti and a Gulf national for firing their weapons during a wedding ceremony in Jahra. An interior ministry statement said that following the appearance of a video clip showing two men firing their weapons in public, detectives were asked to identify and arrest them. Both confessed and led police to the weapons used (two AK-47s, three pistols and a large quantity of ammunition). The suspects were sent to concerned authorities.

Students’ fight
A secondary school student was taken to hospital following an injury he received to the head during a fight. Police received calls about a major fight in a Jahra school, so police responded and broke up the fight. Several of those involved were arrested. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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