Motorist hurt in King Fahd Road accident

Accident on King Fahd Road
Accident on King Fahd Road

KUWAIT: A vehicle flipped over several times on King Fahd Road and its driver was trapped and sustained several injuries. The car had to be cut open to get the driver out, who was taken to Adan Hospital by paramedics.

Fires reported
Fire broke out in a Mahboula building, prompting Mangaf fire center to respond backed by Fahaheel center. The fire was in the air conditioning system on the second floor. The building was evacuated and the fire was put out within 30 minutes. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, a car caught fire in Rumaithiya, and south Salmiya fire center responded and put out the fire in minutes. No injuries were reported. Separately, a house caught fire in Taima, and occupational Jahra center responded, backed by Jahra center. Residents were evacuated and the fire was put out in five minutes. Also, a Bayan house saw a limited fire, so it was evacuated and the fire was kept from spreading and put out. In the meantime, fire broke out in a car in Abdullah Al-Mubarak, prompting Jleeb Al-Shuiyukh center to respond. The fire was in the front side of the vehicle and was cordoned off to prevent explosions. The fire was put out in 15 minutes. In another incident, fire broke out in a residential building in Jleeb Al-Shuiyukh on the fourth floor. The building was evacuated and ventilated to get toxic gas out. The fire was on the emergency staircase where debris was kept along with flammable material. Two firemen were injured and suffered heat exhaustion, and were taken to hospital. The fire was put out.

Domestic help regulations
Acting Director of the Interior Ministry’s Residency Affairs Department Brig Abdallah Al-Hajiri said the domestic help law (number 68/2015) and its executive list aims at remedying the legislative shortage and regulate the relationship between authorities concerned with domestic help, which include the Interior Ministry, sponsor and the domestic helper. The law deals with some of the negative aspects found in the old law in a way that guarantees justice and safeguard the rights of all parties involved, he said. Brig Hajiri said that it is necessary for the sponsor to come to the department when he is summoned by an official letter by the department’s inspectors, adding that if it was not possible to find the sponsor’s address, the letter will be handed to the police station in the area of the sponsor’s residence. He said the department then attempts to find satisfactory solutions for all parties, and that will be put into a contract attached to the domestic helper’s file. If it was not possible to solve the dispute, then the case will be sent to the concerned court to decide on the matter. Hajiri said it is important that the sponsor comes to the domestic help department as soon as he is summoned to protect his rights and avoid legal procedures.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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