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MoI has no plans for amnesty; PACI urges expats to double check info

KUWAIT: Well-informed security sources said the interior ministry’s field security forces are preparing to launch intensive security campaigns in various areas to track down, arrest and deport residency visa violators. The sources also denied any plans to grant residency violators any grace periods this year, pointing out that the last amnesty was not fruitful as only 57,000 expats benefited from it, which was way below the expected numbers.

The sources said that the total number of residency violators is 70,000, but those registered in security databases number more than 100,000. “Checking the registered names, it was found that many of them have been registered for over 25 years, and many of them had probably left the country,” the sources explained.

Meanwhile, Public Authority for Civil Information Director Musaed Al-Assousi stressed the need to double check the information expats submit to residency affairs departments in their renewal forms. He urged them to examine the receipts they get from clerks and ask for immediate correction of any mistakes before they leave the counter.

Assousi added that an expat has three chances to check personal data prior to receiving the new civil ID. “The first step starts by typing the renewal form correctly, the second by checking the receipt they get at residency affairs departments and finally when applying for civil ID renewal, where applicants are asked to approve the validity and correctness of the data before proceeding with the transaction,” Assousi explained.

Assousi warned that in case the ID gets issued with incorrect data, applicants will have to pay the fees once again for the correction. “Therefore, applicants need to carefully check their names in Arabic and Latin and the passport number to make sure they match their passports,” he underlined.

By A Saleh

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