Kuwait: The Ministry of Health (MoH) inaugurated the awareness exhibition on osteoporosis at the Avenues Mall to educate the community about this silent disease that weakens bones and leads to fractures that may result in permanent disability or death.

This is part of Kuwait's participation to mark the World Osteoporosis Day, Head of the Kuwait Osteoporosis Society Dr. Nadia Al-Ali said in a statement to reporters Wednesday after the opening of the exhibition.

The seven-day exhibition includes awareness panels explaining the risk factors that may increase the possibility of fractures and ways to prevent osteoporosis through food rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D, as well as exercises that strengthen bones, she explained.

The society organized courses through which several primary care physicians are trained and qualified to establish osteoporosis clinics in primary healthcare centers, making it easier for patients to detect early signs of fragility, she pointed out.

This step is crucial to prevent this disease, which may reduce fracture due to brittleness, she mentioned.

World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated annually on October 20 to underscore the serious disease that causes problems for millions worldwide, she said.

The goal is to educate individuals about osteoporosis, which severely affects human bone health, its symptoms, methods of prevention and treatment, as well as to warn people of the causes that lead to the disease, she stated.

It also aims to educate people about the dangers of complacency when infected, making them aware of needing to maintain strong bones, support patients with osteoporosis, and educate people about the importance of tests that are carried out to diagnose osteoporosis at an early stage, she noted.