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Ministry Youth promotes entrepreneurship Kuwaiti youth by sponsoring the campaign – ‘Don’t worry, be an entrepreneur’

The ‘Don’t worry, be an entrepreneur’ campaign team
The ‘Don’t worry, be an entrepreneur’ campaign team

KUWAIT: The Ministry for Youth Affairs announced within its systematic plan to support and promote entrepreneurship of creative Kuwaiti youth and embrace their activities and creativity works in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Center led by the entrepreneur Abeer Al-Rashed supporting the campaign ‘Don’t worry, be an entrepreneur’ as a purposeful step of ambitious dimensions to promote the concept of entrepreneurship in the management of youth businesses and turn them into reality and accomplishment.

It is worth mentioning that the Entrepreneurship Center launched ‘Don’t worry, be an entrepreneur’ campaign out of the idea of research and making of entrepreneurs in Kuwait to provide services for youth who are intending to set up businesses through moral and theoretical training, technical support and focus on the concept of entrepreneurship in accordance with the professional standards.

Entrepreneur Abeer Al-Rashed – Director and founder of the Entrepreneurship Center, who recently and honorably represented Kuwait in social responsibility program ‘Queen’ of the League of Arab States and the Union of Arab Producers, confirmed that this success is dedicated first to His Highness the Amir, may Allah protect him, as he is the commander of humanity and we are his children walking on the same way to the humanitarian work, community initiative and youth support.

Rashed mentioned the cooperation of the campaign with the National Youth Association of Kuwait and the pivotal role of Sheikha Amal Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah in supporting youth projects. She also praised the creative collaboration with the Ministry for Youth Affairs while thanking the Ministry of Information, especially Adel Atalla – Director of Second Channel, Sports Channel and Kuwait radio station for supporting and helping them to deliver the campaign to various shades of youth in the community. And it would be a positive tributary to the aspirations and creativity works of the Kuwaiti youth.

She said that the campaign message set up an integrated entrepreneurship system of the youth entrepreneurs to highlight their energies and abilities in a professional entrepreneurial style with a combination of public sector facilities and the private sector funding and support. The goals of the campaign was to break the practice routine and create mechanisms and new thinking in the performance and then submitting it as an integrated entrepreneurial act and providing integrated services that cover the expected needs to set up a free trade business. That was in addition to promoting the concept of business entrepreneurship in the community and thinking out of the box, to be a change step for the better in the lives of youth and to encourage their faith to practice their ideas, elaborate them on the ground to be launched from every Kuwaiti house.

Finally, the vision of the campaign (Don’t worry, be an entrepreneur) will meet with the leading active role of the Ministry for Youth to serve the Kuwaiti youth community and adapt success to serve their projects and highlight them. Vision, idea and talent without implementation are just a dream and implementation without thought is just a waste of time. Vision and implementation together can alter the world.

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