KUWAIT: The Project Engineer of the Jahra Road Development, Yasser Boudastour stated that the elevated mainline viaduct of the Jahra Road Development Project is set to open in its entirety today morning. Marking this important milestone, an opening ceremony will be held under the patronage of the Minister of Electricity and Water, Minister of Public Works and Acting Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Engineer Ahmed Khaled Al-Jassar.

Jassar is scheduled to visit the newly opened section of the road, which extends from the UN Roundabout until Kaifan and Residential Shuwaikh areas. This will be followed by a special ceremony on the occasion at the JW Marriott Hotel, with the attendance of representatives of the Ministry of Public Works, along with His Excellency the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mr. Yasser Abdel Qader, and a group of senior officials in the government and private agencies that have contributed to the success of the project.

Boudastour noted in his statement, that this latest opening is the fourth one to take place in the project, and is the most important one to date. With this newly opened section, which stretches for 5km, the nearly 8 km Jahra Road mainline will now be almost fully open to the public.

As of today noon, road users heading towards Kuwait City from Jahra can now use the bridge, from its point at Al- Andalus and Granada areas (before the UN roundabout) all the way to Kaifan (in front of Kuwait Sporting Club). Drivers can also use the recently opened exit ramp located in front of the Ali Al-Sabah Military Academy.

As for drivers heading in the opposite direction towards Jahra, the westbound will be opened Friday evening November 25th 2016. Users can get onto the mainline from its escalating point in front of the KUNA building, and get off right after the UN roundabout. The additional exit ramps are available in front of the Ministry of Education (before the Mohammed Bin Qassem intersection) and in front of the Social Care Centers (right before the UN roundabout).

Jahra Road Development Project

The Jahra Road Development Project is one of the landmark projects in the Ministry of Public Works' strategic plan to develop the road network in Kuwait. The project is located in the western region of Kuwait, and extends from the Jahra Gate all the way to the United Nations Roundabout in Granada.

This mega project involves the construction of 17.7 km of viaducts, including 8 km of mainline Jahra Road, 2.4 km of bridges on linked roads and 8.0 km of ramps. In addition in comprises the construction of a trough (located at the 2nd Ring Road intersection), 10 pedestrian bridges, and a number of service roads.