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Ministry launches system for Friday Market slots

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Finance launched the periodic lottery system for the Friday Market on its website on Thursday with the aim of organizing the participation process to obtain a market share and achieve the principle of equal opportunities for all. The Ministry said in a press release that this system aims to attract the largest segment of citizens who meet the conditions for entering the system, including pensioners, housewives, divorcees, and widows.

The system aims to facilitate the work procedures for citizens by accessing the personal page on the website to complete the process of paying registration fees and periodic simple usage fees and tracking the status of membership, registration, and applications until approval. She explained that the steps for submitting the application and following up electronically are done in seven steps. This includes logging into the system via its website (www.mof.gov.kw), authenticating the validity of personal data using the mobile ID application, and then filling out the application form.

One of the steps to applying is to receive text messages (SMS) and an email if the application is accepted or rejected. If the application is accepted, a text message and an email will be sent to pay the fees by logging in on the applicant’s page. The applicant will then be granted a permit for a period of one year from the beginning of the payment of registration fees to participate in the automatic periodic lottery system.

The applicant can determine or change the type of activity after obtaining the permit. The Ministry said that the administration of the Friday Market will create one or more automatic draws, depending on the type of activity, indicating that the winners of the draw will be notified through text messages and email to pay the simplified fees according to their size.

She pointed out that if the fees are not paid by the winner of the automatic lottery, the payment link will be canceled, and another applicant will be selected from the winners on the waiting list. Each beneficiary can participate in the automatic lottery periodically, according to the specific type of activity.- KUNA

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