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Ministry inspected 196 private medical facilities in 6 months

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: The Health Ministry’s medical licenses department has inspected 196 private medical facilities in six months to make sure their licenses as well as the licenses of their staff were valid, a ministry official announced yesterday. Speaking on the sidelines of opening the 24th obstetrics and gynecology conference on behalf of Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah, assistant undersecretary for private medical services affairs Dr Fatima Al-Najjar explained that the 196 facilities included 94 polyclinics, 30 specialized clinics, 65 medical centers and seven hospitals. Najjar said the conference provides the opportunity to shed light on the latest international developments in obstetrical and gynecological diseases, treatments, diagnoses and preventive early detection tests.

Head of Adan Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department and the head of the conference Dr Abeer Al-Thayedi announced a new project to renovate the obstetrics and gynecology department’s out-patient departments as well as the obstetrics and gynecology casualty department. Thayedi added that the conference will help exchange expertise with at least nine specialist experts from the UK, US, Denmark, Italy and India.

Treatment costs
The Patients Helping Fund Society and the Awqaf secretariat general renewed a partnership and cooperation memo they had signed in 2010 on a number of treatment projects for patients with chronic diseases who are incapable of bearing the cost of treatment in Kuwait. Society Chairman Jamal Salem Al-Fauzan said KD 305,117 had been agreed upon through an operational plan proposed by the society and approved by the secretariat general, including monthly aid to the families of patients residing in Kuwait totaling KD 14,575.

Fauzan added the society’s medical department will study all medical cases of patients applying to get aid to determine their needs, including the cost of various medical tests or surgeries, as well as health awareness activities and lectures with the remaining sum of KD 291,142.

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