Ministry employee helps transfer 12 visas of Egyptian nationals illegally

KUWAIT: A security source said residency affairs department’s detectives received information that the visas of 12 Egyptian nationals were transferred from their original employer who owns farms to a car leasing company. A team was formed and found out that the transfers were done illegally. The files of the transfers were not available, so orders were given to arrest all people involved. The 12 workers were arrested and they all admitted that each has paid KD 700 each to a bedoon man who runs a farm to make the transfer. The bedoon man was arrested and confessed to receiving bribes and forgery charges. He said that he had made an agreement with an employee at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, who helped by not registering the irregular work permits in the ministry’s database. The suspects were sent to the public prosecution to face charges. Owners of farm licenses benefit from special conditions to recruit laborers from outside, compared to other employers. A work visa on a farm cannot be transferred to the file of a private company or a government facility, according to labor regulations.

A citizen in his forties accused a Syrian man working for him at a real estate office of forging official documents, adding that he escaped when he confronted him about the issue. The citizen told Fahaheel police that he discovered that his employee had forged his signature. When he asked him about it, the man denied forging the documents. He then disappeared, the employer told police. Ahmadi detectives are looking for the alleged suspect.

Physical assault
A citizen called police for help, saying that a person stormed his diwaniya and brutally assaulted him before escaping. The citizen gave Ali Sabah Al-Salem police the identity of a Kuwaiti man he has some unsettled disputes with. He said that the man beat him up viciously inside his diwaniya before escaping. The man handed police a medical report stating his injuries. Ahmadi detectives are looking for the culprit.

Driver mugged
An Indian man said that three men wearing national Kuwaiti dress beat him up and stole his rented car. A security source said that the victim told Fintas police that while he was driving in the area, three men stopped him, forced him out of his vehicle then beat him up before driving off with the car. Detectives are working on the case.

Alcohol consumptions
Special task forces arrested two people, Kuwaiti and Saudi, in south Surra who were under the influence of alcohol. A bottle of imported liquor was found with them along with seven envelopes containing heroin and drug paraphernalia. Both were sent to Drugs Control General Department. — Al-Rai

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