Mina Abdullah Refinery

KUWAIT: Mina Abdullah oil refinery is currently under full-scale maintenance due to proceed until June 6, said Mutlaq Rashed Nasser Al-Azmi, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the refinery. Azmi said in a statement yesterday that the maintenance work began on May 12, covering all the units. Projected budget for the work is estimated at KD 950,000, he added.

Coordination with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) preceded as regular the process "to alter output and exportation plans and meet needs of the local and international markets," he said. He noted that the coordination with the other national oil companies ahead of the maintenance was conducted in a perfect and very professional manner. The operation was an opportunity to make more Kuwaiti personnel involved in various forms of maintenance and conduct fieldwork. - KUNA