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MEW meets with co-ops on 18-hour water cut-off

local1KUWAIT: The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) Undersecretary Mohammad Bushehri met with several chairmen and representatives of cooperative societies to explain the issue of cutting fresh water supplies on some areas scheduled to start at 6:00 pm Friday and will continue for 18 hours and to discuss their role in this regard.

Jahra project
Eng Bushehri said the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) will coordinate with MEW to complete the work to construct and maintain roads and intersections on the middle part of Jahra road, which will cause cutting water supplies to 17 areas for 18 hours, adding that the project MPW is carrying out is one of the ambitious developmental projects people are waiting for. He said the project will be a qualitative move for citizens and expats and will significantly reduce the traffic jams.

Eng Bushehri said MEW considers the citizen as an important partner in the development process, that is why they organized a media campaign to inform citizens about the times when water supply will be cut and restored in various media. He said the ministry decided to contact all concerned departments to deliver its message, and those include cooperative societies for their social role in delivering the message quickly since they cover the largest number of people in those areas.

Fill water tanks
Bushehri asked co-op representatives to advise residents of those areas to fill their water tanks next Thursday until the time of the cut and to use water rationally so they do not get affected by the shortage. He said domestic helpers must be informed not to use water in gardens and car wash during the said period.

Hotline 152
Bushehri added an exceptional service was prepared during this period to keep water tankers’ owners from taking advantage of the situation by having any citizen call 152 in case they needed water or to get the phone numbers of tanker owners who will deliver the water at the price set by the ministry of commerce.

Meanwhile, Sulaibiya co-op chairman Mutlaq Al-Enezi promised to reduce prices of water cartons during the cut off period and said the board of directors will meet to discuss means of helping MPW and MEW to overcome the cut period. He said his co-op will distribute brochures about the cutting period and reasons for it, in addition to directions for the nearest water filling station. Further, Andalus, Riqqa and Nahda Coop Chairman Waleed Al-Shimmari said “our basic role is based on explaining the reasons of the cut off and its timing for all people.”

Also, Firdous Coop Chairman Abdallah Al-Nasafi said cooperatives have a vast database that they can use to reach all consumers in the concerned areas and deliver MEW’s message.

The Engineer supervising the project at MPW Eng Mohammad Al-Saffar said teams from MPW in coordination with MEW will be ready to complete their work during the cut off period. Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Water Operating and Maintenance at MEW Eng Khalifa Al-Furaij lauded the speedy response of co-op boards of directors to MEW’s invitation.

Barrack back in prison
In other news, Former MP Musallam Al-Barrak left the chest hospital and returned to the central prison after being treated for a health problem. It was reported earlier that he was taken to hospital handcuffed and shackled, with a mask over his head, but the Interior Ministry denied those allegations. Barrak is serving a two year jail sentence because of a speech in Irada Square he delivered in 2012.

Separately, Head of Radiation Monitoring Station of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) Dr Darweesh Al-Azmi confirmed that Mutlaa area is free of radiation resulting from the Kuwait liberation war. He explained results of the field radiation survey taken recently in various areas of Kuwait shows that levels were normal and there is no need to worry.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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