Efforts to protect Kuwait Bay from pollution

KUWAIT: The workers union at the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) criticized the closure of a canteen located at the Sulaibikhat water pumping station. The union's secretary Nawaf Buyabes described the withdrawal of the canteen's license as 'illegal' and a decision that was made 'under political pressure.' Buyabes also held the ministers of commerce and municipality affairs responsible for the possible consequences of what he described as their erroneous and illegal decisions. "Our labor interests are no political tools that the minister uses to please some MPs," he stressed, pointing out that dealing with investments owned by the syndicate in such a manner will not be accepted.


In continuation of its efforts to protect Kuwait Bay from pollution and implement the environment protection law number 42/2014, EPA Chairman Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmed Al-Humoud Al-Sabah met officials from PAI and MPW. The meeting was dedicated to discussing the environmental situation within the bay and the negative impact of illegal rain drainage and sewage discharging into the bay in the Free Trade Zone. Notably, the Environment Public Authority (EPA) had closed two outlets draining rainwater into Kuwait Bay at the free trade zone in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), after tests proved that the water was contaminated with sewage.

Rent buildings

The Kuwait Lawyers Society strongly condemned the justice ministry's decision to rent special buildings in various governorates for family courts instead of waiting till the new courthouses are built. In this regard, society member and treasurer Humoud Al-Radaan stressed that such a decision did not conform to the state's strategy of providing the highest levels of services. He added that law 12/2015 stated that in view of the sensitive nature of family litigations, a special court would be built in each governorate to provide privacy

Financial disclosure

The Public Anti-Corruption Authority yesterday contacted officials still in service to file their financial disclosure statements, notifying them of the need to do so within six months, ie by May 14, 2017. The authority also urged MPs to file their reports by Jan 26 and ministers to do the same by Feb 8, 2017. The authority called on officials to download the needed forms from its website www.kwncor.gov.kw, fill them up and submit them during official working hours.

Blogger acquitted

The court of appeals yesterday cancelled a first instance verdict sentencing a 54-year-old blogger to three years in prison over charges of threatening His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah via his Twitter account, and acquitted him of all charges.

Disabled parking

The Public Authority for Disabled Affairs' Deputy Director Nadiya Abul said the authority has been coordinating with the Ministry of Interior concerning imposing the law on illegally parking in spaces reserved for the disabled. Abul made her statements to reporters after a meeting with officials from the citizenship and passport department and legal affairs representatives to discuss activating law number 8/2010 pertaining the rights of the disabled.

Fees for services

Kuwait Municipality's Director Ahmed Al-Manfouhi denied increasing the fees for any of various services it provides. He added that the finance ministry had asked several state departments to conduct comprehensive studies regarding the services they provide to the public. "However, studies are still in progress and are being reviewed," he added, noting that some services would be exempted from any fees when e-services are launched by February.

Housing tender

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare will offer a tender for public bidding in February to landscape and design areas in South Sabah Al-Ahmad that include 25,000 housing units.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi and A Saleh