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Medx launches Wellness Gift Card to encourage health

KUWAIT: Medx Medical Care, a leading healthcare provider in Kuwait, launched its latest Medx Wellness Gift Card, under the tagline ‘Share Your Care’ at a function held on 21 June at the Medx Auditorium in Fahaheel. The new health gift-card was inaugurated by Medx President and CEO Mohammed Ali V.P, in the presence of a large gathering of Kuwaiti dignitaries, leaders of different organizations and associations, as well as media personnel.

In his speech on the occasion, Mr. Ali stated that the new Wellness Gift Card evolved from the idea that there is no better way to show your love and care for someone who is ill, than by providing them with the means to access the necessary treatment facilities. He then presented five Medx Wellness Gift Card to each of the leaders of community organizations.

In addition to the wellness gift card, Medx also offers a number of other gift cards, including the Royal Laser Card, Medx Silver Card, Medx Golden Card, and Royal Health Package Card. These cards are available at a special office in Medx and can be used to purchase a variety of treatment services and packages.

The new Medx Wellness Gift Card is part of the initiative by Medx to encourage people to give the gift of health to their loved ones, and to raise awareness on the importance of preventive care, as well as make it more convenient for people to access these services.

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