Massive weapon stockpile discovered on the border

weaponsKUWAIT: Following the capture of 60 shotguns with two Iraqis at Jraishan border crossing, weapons detectives were able to reach a bedoon who was located around the border area. His house was raided and ammunition was found there.

He said that he is used to smuggling weapons, and did it three times during October, with another suspect who is still at large. He said they go to the ranch of a citizen in the Liyah area, and transfer the weapons to another vehicle.

Police went to Liyah where two persons were arrested. When the ranch was searched, 1300 boxes of shotgun cartridges were found in a Mercedes truck along with 3 shotguns, AK-47, 5 AK-47 magazines and other ammunition.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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