‘Masked man’ used pepper spray in robberies

KUWAIT: Policemen are looking for a masked thief who used pepper spray during his crimes. A police source said a 42-year-old Indian woman from Mangaf sought police’s help, saying a masked man stormed her apartment and sprayed her with pepper spray. She said she became unconscious after falling on the ground, noting that money and jewelry were stolen from the apartment. Detectives who are investigating found that several apartments were robbed by the masked man the same way.

Syrian deported to Iran
Criminal detectives deported a Syrian man to Iran after convicting him of drug smuggling and after he served his jail sentence at the central prison. The Syrian was arrested on arrival from Tehran with a large quantity of drugs. Separately, two Bangladeshis were sent to the deportation department after being caught in Hawally, and were found to have entered the country illegally.

A restaurant worker thought he had bought the silence of an Egyptian woman with KD 30 after committing indecent acts with her inside a building’s elevator. The woman pretended to accept his offer, then told her father about what happened. He told detectives, who arrested the suspect. He was sent to concerned authorities for further legal action. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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