KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested a Syrian man for swindling, as he scammed multiple people by claiming that he has connections with a VIP. An Egyptian man who works for a newspaper had told police that he paid the suspect KD 600 after he promised him to help find a job for his wife, but the man never honored his promised. The suspect was summoned for questioning, during which he claimed that he received the money as a loan. Investigations confirmed the scam allegations, based on which the suspect was remanded in custody to  be referred to the proper authorities for further legal action.

Separately, a Syrian man was sent to jail on charges of forging a check that he signed instead of his sponsor. The man confessed to committing the forgery, saying that although he is authorized to sign, he wanted to avoid being charged with issuing a bounced check. Instead he became involved in a forgery case of a KD 100,000 check. The man suspect told police that he committed his crime due to financial problems he faced, saying that he thought he could sign the check in the name of his partner who he said was rich and can bear with the company losses. - Translated from the Arabic press