Man tortured over extramarital relationship

KUWAIT: An Egyptian man sought police’s help, telling them three men and a woman entered his brother’s apartment, stripped him naked, tied him up, then the men stabbed him in various parts of his body while the woman recorded the happenings using a cellphone camera. The suspects then left the place and threatened the victim of causing him further harm. Police went to the apartment and found the man in pain, bleeding and almost unconscious. Paramedics were called in and the man was transferred under guard to hospital. His brother said he knows one of the suspects, and gave police his details. The main suspect was arrested, and he told police about the other two men, while stating that the woman is his wife. He explained his actions, saying that he discovered an affair between his wife and the victim, which was the motive behind his crime. All four were placed under arrest in waiting for the victim’s statement, for further legal action against the suspects.

Smuggling foiled
Abdali customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of shabu (methamphetamine) and captagon, hidden in parts of a bus’s engine and air conditioning. Abdali customs’ supervisor Mohammad Al-Humaidi said an officer became suspicious of a Gulf national driving a bus, who became very nervous when the officer approached him, at which point he asked passengers to disembark. Humaidi said inspection systems indicated unusual intensity in the air cylinders, so one of them was opened and 35,000 captagon tablets were found inside. The second cylinder contained 55 tablets and a large quantity of shabu with an estimated weight of 3.850 kg. The driver and drugs were sent to concerned authorities.

License ‘stolen’
A Bangladeshi man told Ahmadi police that an SUV hit his car from the back, then when he pulled over, a man came out of the SUV, identified himself as a detective, then asked him for his license and KD 50 to repair the vehicle. The man refused to give him the money, but the suspect snatched the license and escaped.

A security source said the Interior Ministry plans to investigate reports about a traffic accident involving a woman who claims that the accident happened after she was harassed by an unidentified driver. The woman said that she was driving on Fahaheel Highway, and accompanied by members of her family, including children, when a harasser hit her vehicle multiple times, causing her to lose control over the car which turned upside down. The driver then fled the scene, before eyewitnesses called police. detectives are also investigating claims made by an eyewitness who said that the runaway driver was wearing a police uniform.

Ahmadi detectives are looking for an individual who stole KD 1,100 in cash from an Egyptian man’s car in Mahboula. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anba

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