Man stabbed in mall brawl

KUWAIT: Three bedoons stabbed another, who was admitted to Jahra Hospital’s ICU, following a fight in front of a mall. The bedoon, who left a barbershop in Jahra, was surprised by three men who attacked him with knives. Policemen and paramedics rushed to the scene, and the victim was taken to hospital in stable condition, but had to be transferred to ICU as his condition was deteriorating. Detectives are looking for the three men.

Domestic violence
An argument between a man and his wife led to him beating her and ripping some books that belong to her including a diary. A security source said a citizen in her 20s told Fintas police that a heated argument took place between her husband and her, so he beat her severely, then tore up some of her books and her diary. Police are investigating. Separately, a woman accused her bedoon husband of beating her and causing her the injuries stated in a medical report. She said she was beaten because she went out at night without his permission. The woman had a bruised eye, nose, head, back and shoulders. She had a swollen left eyelid and scratches on the cornea. X-rays showed that her nose was broken.

Fugitives caught
A citizen was found wanted on a civil case when he was arrested while drunk. The citizen caught the attention of police when he was roaming in Rumaithiya at dawn, and they asked him for his ID. They found an imported liquor bottle with him, so he was taken to the police station. He was found wanted on a KD 60,000 debt. Separately, an Indian man was sleeping on the pavement in Hadiya, and when police checked on him, he was found drunk, in violation of the residency law and reported absconding by his sponsor. Pedestrians called police to report the drunken man, so a patrol went to the site. The man attempted to escape, but ran unsteadily. He was taken to Hadiya police station and charged with drunkenness, and is being processed for deportation.

Enticing crime
Ahmadi prosecutor charged a citizen in her 50s for encouraging committing a crime. A security source said a citizen was arrested for attacking a girl, and said he did it at the request of a woman he had a relation with. Police called the woman, who denied this at first, so the prosecutor made them face each other, and the man insisted on his claims.

Physical assault
A citizen beat a Syrian mechanic because of a dispute over repairs. A security source said the Syrian went to Jahra police station and told them he was beaten by a citizen, so police summoned him. He said he left his car at the garage for minor repairs, but the mechanic caused much damage. When the conversation became heated, he could not control himself. Police are working on the case.

Drivers’ fight
Two drivers who had a dispute over the right of way led to one of them sustaining injuries and bruises after he was beaten by the other. A security source told Ahmadi police that a man forced him to stop and beat him. The victim gave police the license plate number of the suspect to be arrested and brought in for questioning. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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