KUWAIT: The criminal court yesterday sentenced a citizen to death for murdering his ex-wife in Salwa, said security sources. The man had stabbed the victim several times when she was inside her vehicle. He also caused hand injuries to his son while he was trying to stop him. The suspect had waited outside the house until the victim drove into the parking place and attacked her, according to investigations.

Medical error

A court yesterday sentenced a doctor and a nurse to six months in prison for negligence and committing medical errors that caused the death of a female citizen at a public hospital where they worked.

False news

The court of appeal yesterday acquitted a blogger who was accused by the state security department of posting false news about arresting a person and defusing a bomb in an oil facility.


The criminal court yesterday acquitted an Egyptian man was charged with slandering his Highness the Amir. The ruling came after a mental assessment report indicated that the man was mentally unstable.


Local activists plan to stage a sit-in this afternoon in protest against the government's failure to establish housing projects at two blocks that the government repossessed in Khaitan last year. The two blocks have enough room to build 1,200 houses in addition to basic infrastructure, said Meshaan Al-Hajri, official spokesperson of a public campaign titled 'When Will We Get a House.' In other news, the South Metla' residents' committee recently met to discuss the latest developments concerning the area's infrastructure contracts and priorities for the near future. Separately, Head of Ahmadi committee at the Municipal Council Adel Allumai said that the committee agreed to adjust the Northern and Eastern expansions at Wafra houses.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi