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Man rescued off Salmiya beach

KUWAIT: Paramedics attend to the man after firemen rescued him off the Salmiya beach yesterday.

KUWAIT: Firemen rescued a man after his speedboat was involved in an accident off Salmiya beach yesterday. The man was knocked off his boat and carried by the currents before rescuers were able to save him. He was handed over to paramedics on the scene who attended to his injuries before transporting him to the nearest medical facility, Kuwait Fire Force said in a statement.

In other news, firemen battled a blaze reported in a Khaitan building Saturday night. The fire started in a storage area on the ground floor, as firemen evacuated the building before putting out the flames successfully. No injuries were reported as an investigation was opened into the fire, Kuwait Fire Force said in a statement.

Fire engines are seen outside a Khaitan building where a fire was reported Saturday night.


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