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Man dead in Sabhan road accident


KUWAIT: A man died in an accident reported yesterday morning on the inner Sabhan road. Firemen from the Sabhan Fire Station responded to an emergency call reporting that a vehicle caught fire following an accident and the driver was trapped inside. The victim was pronounced dead and his body was taken to the coroner after firefighters tackled the blaze, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate said in a statement. An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the accident. Separately, KFSD operations received a call about a body floating on the sea, so Salmiya sea rescue center responded. The body of the victim, who was identified as an Indian man, was recovered and handed to the coroner. Meanwhile, a case was filed for investigations.

Election premises
Acting Deputy Director General for Firefighting Sector Affairs and head of the elections committee at the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate Brig Mohammad Al-Mahmeed said there is a comprehensive plan to secure candidates’ election premises, and that preparations for election day are complete. He said candidates’ premises are subject to KFSD conditions, as the candidate or his representative must go to the prevention department to receive preliminary approval allowing him to establish the campaign tent according to the following conditions:
1-    All wirings must be in tubes as stipulated by the Ministry of Electricity and Water.
2-    Provide emergency exits (according to the size of the tent).
3-    Provide emergency lighting in the tent.
4-    Have exit signs.
5-    Not use a heat source inside the tent.
6-    Provide fire extinguishers (as per the tent size).
7-    Leave adequate passages between the seats leading to the main exit as well as emergency exists.
8-    Do not allow smoking in the tent.
9-    Not use wooden floors inside the tent.
10-    The power generator should be at least five meters away from the tent.

Mock drill
The medical emergencies department, in cooperation with fire department, civil defense, explosives department and VIP protection at the interior ministry held an exercise at the Regency Hotel yesterday. The exercise simulated a fire at a wedding hall, which led to the total evacuation of the site as the fire was brought under control. The mock blaze resulted in four injuries – two were treated at the site, while two were transferred to Mubarak Hospital. The fire was brought under control within an hour. Acting Director of the Medical Emergencies Department Munther Al-Jalahma held a meeting to evaluate the exercise as notes were taken.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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