Man dead, nine injured in two-vehicle collision

KUWAIT: The truck seen following the deadly accident

KUWAIT: A man died and nine others were injured when a pickup vehicle collided into a tow truck along Wafra farms road and turned on its side due to impact. The Pakistani man’s body was transferred to the coroner after the accident. Firemen from Wafra fire station rushed to the scene, where they rescued the injured – all expats – and handed them over to paramedics. Security sources explained that two ambulance choppers and six ambulances were dispatched to the scene where two of the injured had to be airlifted to Adan hospital, two others were taken to Adan hospital by ambulances and five were taken to Sabah Al-Ahmad medical center. The truck was removed off the road before criminal evidence investigators arrived to the scene. A case was filed to investigate the causes of the accident.

Test gone wrong
A half lorry driver went yesterday to take his driver’s license test at a driving school in Ahamdi, but instead crashed his vehicle into a while and got himself injured in the process. Firemen were called to free the Pakistani man out of the truck after he became trapped in the wreckage. He was then handed over to paramedics who transported him to hospital.

Officers honored
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah yesterday received and honored a number of officers and policemen who had arrested four Arab expatriates who had assaulted and kidnapped a citizen on the early hours of Wednesday. The honoring reception was also attended by interior ministry undersecretary Lt Gen Essam Al-Nahham, assistant undersecretary for public security Maj Gen Sheikh Faisal Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and Maj Genl Abdullah Al-Ali. Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah stressed that what the arresting force members did proves that security forces are always alerted to protect the society including both citizens and expatriates. Meanwhile, Lt Gen Nahham stressed that the reception is another proof of security leaders’ constant communication with their agents and hailed the bonds they have.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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