KUWAIT: A photo provided by police shows the murder weapon after the suspect discarded it following the crime.

KUWAIT: Jahra police arrested a citizen who stabbed his father to death yesterday. The 45-year-old victim died at Jahra Hospital from a stab wound inflicted by his 22-year-old son. The killer confessed to committing the crime and was sent to public prosecution.




Fire broke out in an electronics' store in Ahamdi, as firemen from the Ahmadi and Fahaheel fire stations responded and contained the blaze. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, Firemen dealt with a blaze in two houses in Khaitan on Friday. Farwaniya, Shuhada, Sabhan and back up fire stations responded. The fire started in a traditional Arab style house covering an area of 500 square meters. The house was evacuated and the flames which spread to a neighboring house were tackled, while firemen faced difficulties due to the collapse of a roof and staircase. A fireman was injured and suffered bruises, whereas no other injuries were reported.




A fight took place between a number of young people and police officers at a gas station in Qadisiya. The dispute ended with the boys injuring two policemen who were taken to the hospital while three were detained at Daeya police station. Police intervened after some youngsters gathered at the station and obstructed traffic while harassing girls. The boys then insulted and attacked the police which made an officer pull out a gun to scare them. Separately, a fight broke out between eight people including four girls, and several among them suffered stab wounds. The fight started as a verbal dispute between two women during a party, which led to the interference of others. Policemen arrested those involved.



Intruder arrested


A citizen who wanted to take a shortcut to Ahmadi stormed into the security point at the entrance of a security department, causing extensive damage to the barriers. He was arrested and taken to Ahmadi police station. A security source said that while security men where manning the point, a vehicle at a high speed approached them and stormed into the gate. The driver stopped immediately and told them that he thought it was a shorter route to Ahmadi and wanted to avoid police.


Sergeant injured


An Iraqi boat that entered Kuwait's territorial waters and was chased by Coast Guard fired shots, injuring a sergeant who was taken to Jahra hospital.


Policewoman detained


A policewoman was detained after she insulted an officer and tried to run over a policeman while attempting to escape from a police patrol in Hawally. The policewoman was stopped at a check point and was asked for her ID which made her furious and then attempted to escape.


By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies