Man attempted to sell dead body


KUWAIT: An Egyptian man whose job is to transport dead bodies to Kuwait International Airport was arrested and taken to state security after he was caught with the body of a Bangladeshi man that was supposed to be shipped out. The suspect took advantage of a document showing that the official at the airport received two bodies, but delivered only one body.


He told authorities that he was about to sell the body to students at the college of medicine. Al-Anbaa local daily said the inspector who gave him the receipt of two bodies and did not make sure they were onboard was questioned. He claimed that the hot weather caused him not to follow the matter personally. The second body was discovered at the outer gate when inspectors saw the coffin.


‘Too much money’


The electronic crimes department is carrying out investigations to identify a person who uploaded a video on YouTube bragging about being rich and lit a cigarette with a KD 10 note. A source said detectives are determining the authenticity of the clip, and whether the currency note he used is real or fake. The man boasted he is rich and pitied those who wait for their salaries at the end of the month, claiming he has too much money and lights cigarettes with it.


Jail riot


Central prison administration sent a report to the interior ministry’s assistant undersecretary for reform institutions and sentence implementation affairs Maj Gen Abdullah Al-Muhanna about events in ward 7 that ended with several policemen and inmates injured. A security source said that prison guards decided to raid ward 7 following information about banned substances there. When prisoners were told to leave the place, several of them refused and attempted to take the money they had with them. The source added that inmates attacked policemen, who fought back and brought the prisoners under control.




A Palestinian man filed two complaints at Zahra police station, one against his brother-in-law, who threatened to harm him, relying on his relations with an influential person; and the other against an unidentified person who called his home several times. He gave police the caller’s phone number.

A man lodged a complaint against his daughter, who is in her 20s, accusing her of damaging the floors of his house. Police will summon her for questioning. He told police that she poured a liquid on the floor to damage it deliberately.




An Egyptian woman was beaten badly by a compatriot, and lodged a complaint against him at Jabriya police station. She told police that she came across the Egyptian with whom she had earlier differences, and he attacked her in public and did not let go of her until passersby intervened. Police will question the man, who faces legal action.




A fight between a citizen and a detective ended with both injured, and one of them had to undergo surgery. Police had responded to a call about a fight and broke it up. Police are questioning both to find out the cause of the fight, as they are neighbors.




A man who posed as a policeman in Jabriya robbed a Filipina. The woman said that the suspect stopped her near a taxi office claiming to be a policeman and stole her money, IDs and ATM cards. Hawally detectives are working on the case. – Translated from the Arabic press

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