Man arrested for growing marijuana for sale

KUWAIT: A man faces drug trafficking charges after police raided his house and found large amounts of marijuana plants inside. The suspect, Kuwaiti, was put under surveillance for two weeks and was eventually arrested near his house yesterday. Police found what they described as a ‘fully-equipped planting area’ that included a large number of plastic containers with nearly 1,000 marijuana seedlings ready for sale. They also found a large quantity of marijuana seeds. The man was taken to the Drug Control General Department for further action.

Death sentence
The criminal court yesterday sentenced a citizen to death after he was found guilty of killing his wife. The man was indicted of fatally shooting his wife, although he had pled not guilty, and claimed that he shot his wife accidently. Separately, the appeals court reduced a sentence against a citizen accused of joining the Islamic State (IS) and attempting to commit terrorist activities at a mosque in Salmiya and a security facility. The court sentenced the 19-year-old man to five years, while the court of first instance had sentenced him to seven years.

Used furniture
Kuwait Municipality workers carried out a campaign at used furniture stores in Rai, during which 190 square meters of used furniture were removed, while 23 citations were issued against vendors who used locations to sell goods before obtaining licenses.

Drug possession
Farwaniya police caught three men who were under the influence of drugs, and had shabu and Tramadol on them. Police had set up a checkpoint in Khaitan when a patrolman noticed three persons inside a car with a bag under the driver’s seat. He inspected the bag and found out that it contained shabu, while the tables were discovered when the three were searched. The Egyptian men were sent to the Drug Control General Department for further action. Separately, Abdaly customs arrested a Pakistani man tried to smuggle two kilograms of hashish into the country. The drugs were hidden above one of the tires of his truck.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies


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