Man accuses estranged wife of uploading ‘intimate moments’ online

KUWAIT: A citizen accused his runaway Asian wife of spreading her privacies online and selling her videos to pornography websites. He gave police evidence to support his claims. The citizen said that few months after marrying his Asian wife, he discovered that she uploaded videos of their ‘intimate moments’ online. Furthermore, he said that he found out that his wife sold the video clips which she recorded without his knowledge to Asian men, who uploaded them online. When he confronted her, the woman denied her actions and screamed hysterically, then went to her country’s embassy to seek their protection from her ‘abusive husband,’ Al-Rai reported yesterday. Investigations are underway.

Clinic staff assaulted
A citizen beat and insulted a Syrian woman who works for a private clinic. The woman then lodged a complaint against him. The citizen is being sought by police for questioning. The woman said that while at work, a man wanted to enter to the doctor while another patient was inside. When she stopped him, the man became angry and beat her, only stopping when others intervened.

Thieves caught
Ahmadi police arrested two citizens for attempting to steal a motorcycle from its owner by force. The suspects reportedly made the robbery attempt while they were in abnormal condition and had psychoactive drugs on them. They were sent to Drugs Control General Department following their arrest. A police source said that patrolmen noticed the two beating a man, and when they approached them, they escaped before being caught after a chase. The victim said the two were trying to steal his bike and beat him when he resisted. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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