KUWAIT: An Indian driver had a relationship with a Filipina domestic helper, who got pregnant out of wedlock. The Filipina was in pain, so she was taken to hospital, where it was discovered she is four months pregnant. She said the father is the house driver. The driver and maid were arrested and charged with adultery.


A Nepalese woman suffered fractures and lacerations after she was run over by a Lebanese driver and was admitted to the ICU. The driver said she was surprised with the girl crossing the street and could not avoid her. She was detained and charged with running over a person and causing injury.


A traffic police officer was challenged by a traffic violator, who beat him when he decided to confiscate his driving license. The suspect was brought under control and arrested. The traffic police officer was in Taima when he stopped the man for a traffic violation, and decided to keep his license, but the man attacked him, twisted his arm and grabbed the license. Police backup arrived and he was arrested.


Criminal detectives resolved several theft cases after arresting two Jordanians, while three others who were in the country on visit visas escaped. A source said the arrest was made when a Palestinian said KD 800 was stolen from him while at a mosque. The source refused to say how the suspects were identified. The suspects confessed to entering the country with the intention to steal. Detectives mingled among garage workers in industrial Shuwaikh, and investigations uncovered the gang of pickpockets.

Domestic violence

A female citizen was beaten by her boyfriend after she left a cinema hall and went to her car. While she was driving, a car obstructed her. The suspect got out of the car, pulled the girl out of her car and beat her. The girl went to Salmiya police station and lodged a complaint. Meanwhile, a girl lodged a complaint at Dhaher police station against her brother-in-law for beating her. She submitted a medical report stating her injuries. - Translated from the Arabic press