KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Manpower said an Asian domestic helper was deported back to her country after she tested positive for HIV at the expatriate labor shelter's clinic. An official source said the shelter receives expatriates without valid visas who wish to rectify their legal status, after which their file is examined to make sure they are not wanted for felonies, and tests are conducted to make sure that they do not suffer from any infectious diseases. The helper had a blood sample taken from her after she arrived at the shelter, and was tested two times, where the result came positive for HIV infection in both, the sources noted.

Cabby mugged
A Syrian taxi driver answered a call from a woman, but when he arrived to the requested location, two men beat him up severely and left him unconscious. After regaining consciousness, the man discovered that his money and two smartphones were stolen. In his statements to local police, the driver said a woman called him and asked to be taken from Qurain to Mahboula. He said that when he arrived in the area, he called the woman but she did not answer, rather he was surprised by an SUV stopping in front of him, then two persons came out and beat him up. Detectives are investigating.

Cellmates brawl
A Central Prison inmate suffered a broken nose after he was severely beaten by a cellmate in a case that was registered as a felony. The victim, Egyptian, was hospitalized while the culprit, Jordanian, was taken to the proper authorities for further investigations in the case.

Police protection
An Egyptian woman accused her neighbor of verbally insulting her and threatening to cause her harm. She lodged a complaint against him and asked for police's protection from him. Police are summoning the suspect for questioning.

Three fire stations fought a blaze in an office at a mall in Dajeej. Two persons suffered smoke inhalation, and were taken by paramedics to the nearest hospital. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of fire. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai