Maid confesses to botched robbery that killed Kuwaiti

KUWAIT: Egyptian security forces managed to solve the mystery of the murder of an elderly Kuwaiti in his apartment in the Cairo suburb of Giza, noting that the man’s maid, who had reported the murder, was actually behind it. Notably, the 80-year-old citizen’s maid, who is in her thirties, had reported that unidentified robbers had broken into the apartment, tied her up and stole her phone and the deceased’s money.

However, all suspicions pointed to the maid, said a report on the Masrawy website, noting that the maid broke down during interrogations and admitted that she had arranged the robbery with her brother and sister, taking advantage of her boss’ poor health and age. The maid added that her brother hired three friends to do the job.

“The three assailants knocked on the door. I opened it for them and they tied me and my boss up and stuck duct tape on his mouth,” she explained, noting that when the man tried to remove the gag, they shut his mouth by hand till he suffocated to death. They then took his money, mobile and her mobile before leaving. After they were arrested, the three assailants denied prior intention to kill the octogenarian and described what happened as ‘fate’.

The Charge D’Affaires at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Cairo Adel Al-Saraya said the embassy was closely following up the investigations, noting that all involved suspects had been arrested except for one who is still at large and being tracked down. He hailed the Egyptian authorities’ efficiency in dealing with the matter as well as its cooperation with the embassy and keeping it posted with the latest investigations. Saraya expressed condolences to the deceased’s family and assured them that both the embassy and its lawyer are following up the case to make sure that the culprits are brought to justice.

By A Saleh

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