Maid accused of beating toddler

KUWAIT: A female citizen accused her domestic helper of beating her two-year-old daughter and lodged a complaint at Adan police station. A security source said the citizen heard her daughter crying hysterically, and when she went to see what happened, she discovered the domestic helper had beaten her and left bruises on her body that were mentioned in the medical report. Police are investigating.

A young man and his two sisters established bogus accounts on social media in the name of Social Reform Society and asked people to donate for the Syrian people. The trio collected KD 240,000 from donors in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, from which they repaid their loans and deposited the rest of the money in their personal accounts. Banks got suspicious over the large amounts of money deposited and how the loans were paid, so they contacted detectives, who exposed the fraud. The criminal court postponed the ruling on this case until June 28 against the trio, who are citizens.

Car owner, mechanic fight
Police broke up a fight between two men, Kuwaiti and Syrian, on Zeena St in Shuwaikh because of a dispute over a car repair. A security source said the two were taken to Shuwaikh police station, where the Kuwaiti crowner said that the Syrian mechanic made a mistake while repairing his car. The mechanic denied the accusations, adding that the defect was in the car before he brought it.

A citizen who expected to make profit from sheep trading discovered that his business partner took the money and left for a Gulf country, so he filed a complaint against him at Sabahiya police station. He said that he and his partner contributed KD 8,000 each, and his partner bought sheep and kept it in his pen for several months and used to sell from them without telling him. This continued until the he discovered that the partner had sold the entire herd and left the country. He phoned him, but he said he was on vacation and denied that he owes him any money. Police are working on the case.

Harasser at large
Women sought the help of security when a cross-dresser harassed them and wanted to enter a clinic, but escaped before police arrived. Investigations went underway in search for the suspect

Fugitive runs into police station
A fugitive could not find a place to escape other than a police station. A security source said a 23-year-old citizen went to the police station in the capital and told officers that his car, which is registered in his mother’s name, was stolen, but policemen were surprised by criminal detectives entering and arresting the citizen, telling them he had run away from them. – Al-Rai

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