KUWAIT: LOYAC celebrated the International Volunteer Day by hosting a virtual event on Zoom with the attendance of LOYAC Vice-Chairperson and managing director Fadia Al-Marzouq, and volunteers from LOYAC Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon. The volunteers displayed and discussed their achievements in 2020 despite the challenges.

Yusra Al-Essa

In this regard, Yusra Al-Essa, LOYAC Community Service Department Manager, emphasized the importance of spreading the humanitarian and voluntary culture within the society. "Here at LOYAC, we focus on including volunteering in all of our programs and projects, especially in the community service department programs as we aspire to make community service a constant practice in our society," she said. "This comes from LOYAC's mission in empowering the youth, developing their skills, and instilling values through volunteering and community engagement."

Essa also mentioned that despite the current health situation and the challenges it presents, it brought communities together and gathered volunteers from different countries. She stressed the importance of adapting to different circumstances and working around them for the common objective of benefiting the whole community and society.