A Love Letter to Man from Woman

Nejoud Al-Yagout
Nejoud Al-Yagout

*Note to Reader: This letter is the beginning. What is to come in due time is an article I wrote about the unconditional love of the Divine, prompted by a male friend of mine who believes strongly in gender equality. This letter, too, is inspired by his appreciation for women and his humanitarianism. His faith in women has propelled me to write this letter to all men, in the hope that those with me will speak out more and those against me will learn how to love me as I love them. To be continued….

Dear Man,

Why is your love conditional on what we wear or do;
what we love or who we love, for that matter? How would it be any different if you were born a female in this region? Did you ever try to put yourself in our shoes or abayas? I am not writing this letter out of spite, but because of a profound love I have for you, we have for you. And many of you are on our side, but the few of you who view us as property seem to be guarding the status quo fiercely. I invite you to let go. I promise you that we can make heaven here on Earth. Together. As one. There is something so beautiful about masculine and feminine energies coming together. This is the way it should be. It is no longer about patriarchal rules or segregated schools. These are antiquated systems that no longer work. They stunt our collective awakening and potential for universality.

Tell me, what is it about us that you fear? Why do you erroneously believe that you cannot control your desires around us? We are not objects of lust, dearest brother. If that is how you view us, then perhaps it is a call from your soul to ignore the thoughts within you that tell you this is the case, rather than get us out of your way to avoid temptation. Our consciousness on this planet is finally evolving, so let us collaborate to transcend this antagonism toward one another. Since you hold the power, we await your cue to ascend. We do not want to fight you. We want to become enlightened. With you.

Do you know that when we walk alone in the streets, we are not afraid of being attacked by stray dogs, but are terrified of being assaulted by you? And the most painful thing to hear is that we deserved it because we were unveiled or not accompanied by a male. This stems from conditioning, from a deep-rooted belief that women are on Earth to sate a man’s desire. We know that many of you have discarded such beliefs, but for those who haven’t, I invite you to transform age-old matrices so that we can raise our frequencies; so that we can embrace each other and cross the threshold from fear into love.

I am writing this letter, because I know many brothers and sisters agree with me that it is time to shed the skin of outdated gender biases that divide us and come together for the sake of our children and generations to come. Oh dear man, please tell me that you are way grander than the way we perceive you. Hold my hand. I am not dirty. I am you.


Nejoud Al-Yagout
Instagram: @nejoud.alyagout

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