Love is just Respect

There is no love, no friendship or a relation without respect.

Opinions may differ, and it is possible to agree on what love is and what its causes are, but all can unanimously agree that love is all about respect. Love that is born between two persons without having respect as its foundation does not have anything to do with emotions and kindness. It is so beautiful for the human being to have a heart that loves him and an eye that respects him. So, best wishes to he who owns a truthful and pure heart, and who has love and an eye full of respect. We, the people of this era, lack love and respect. We often hear stories about certain relations, but when we go deep in the merits, we discover that those relations lack mutual respect between the two persons involved, which leads the relationship to fail.
Maybe the respect attribute has become a rare commodity in our society, which reflects on personal relations and made the majority fail to see what love really is. Respect is not limited to love alone, and love is not limited to a man and a woman, rather our issue today is what the society’s foundation is built on. Love is what brings a mother and father, mother and her children, student and teacher, an employee and his superior and other social and practical links in our society together. But the question is: Where is love in these relations today? The answer is that love is absent among people because the majority do not have any respect remaining for others.

We hear and see a lot of stories about girls that scream and utter unsuitable words in front of their mothers or teachers. Who among us had never heard or seen a man who beats his wife in front of his children or insults and tortures his children? Who among us has not seen fights among employees and their superiors? There are many daily exchanges and fights that we hear and read about, which prove that our society is lacking respect, which has resulted in us lacking love. If respect falls, so will the relation, as there is no love, no friendship or a relation without respect.

– Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Dr Nemin Al-Houti

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