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Life of ‘Great Giver’ celebrated

Ahmed Al-Gharabally

Family and friends from abroad and Kuwait gathered at the 2019 Global Biking Initiative (GBI) biking event in Kuwait, to celebrate the life of the “Great Giver”. A team of bikers came to Kuwait to cycle for a cause against child labor, child trafficking and child abuse in the name of the late Ahmed Hashim Al-Gharabally, a well-known local entrepreneur, humanitarian and activist.

Ninon Al-Gharabally, Ahmed’s mother, told Kuwait Times she is heartbroken because she lost Ahmed, the “Great Giver”, as everyone used to call him. She said Ahmed was a kind man and cared for everyone – he did not discriminate on the basis of color, religion or social status. “He initiated a campaign to encourage humane treatment and respect for Kuwait’s street cleaners through social media. The street cleaners found love in a hopeless place. Now, I’m cooking for street cleaners to keep his legacy alive,” she said.

Ninon Al-Gharabally and her son Fasial

She added that her son helped spawn several social initiatives and entrepreneurial endeavors. He was smart, extremely competent, energetic and passionate about human rights. “Ahmed was continually inspiring others and taking the lead in promoting positive change in Kuwait and beyond. He brought every occasion to life with his vibrant soul and engaging contributions. He was such an inspiration in life.”

Gharabally broke down in tears as she described her late son. “My adored son Ahmed passed away on May 30, 2017. Ahmed was a part of me – he was the air I breathe, the eyes that I see with. I can say he is my soul mate and many people can vouch for that. I loved him intensely and still do,” she said. “He was loved and respected by everybody who knew him. His passion in life was in helping people and his ability to give defied all descriptions. He was a giver – he gave everything. He was passionate about human rights and he also loved laughter and having fun. He loved kids and was a kind and tender soul that wanted the best for everyone and strived to be his best,” she said.

By Faten Omar

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