Lest We Throw Stones

Nejoud Al Yagout

To those from here, remember. We have no right to criticize Trump. Syrian refugees are not welcome here either. And let us not forget how many Iraqis and Palestinians were deported after the invasion for security reasons. A close friend of ours from Pakistan has given up on coming to visit Kuwait after she was denied entry a couple of times (once even transit on her way to NYC). We also had a temporary ban on Bangladeshis for a period of time.

I wonder why we think it is alright to vent our frustration on social media regarding Trump’s policies when we remain silent regarding our own bigotry and xenophobia. Where are the voices in our community defending minorities and the rights of immigrants and refugees?

Sure, we have a few activists, but for some reason they seem to be lone voyagers – as we seem to be too complacent to assist them. Are we so afraid of love that we choose, instead, to surrender to fear? If this is the case, we have lost our right to complain about the way of the world.

Still, I remain optimistic that what is happening today is what the world needs to awaken from the stupor of separation. It starts within us. We are invited to remove all traces of beliefs that have taught us that we are superior to another in any way. We are invited to defend those who do not have a voice for fear of deportation or imprisonment. And we are invited to change ourselves. One by one. This is the time for new beginnings, albeit via a painful collective slap on the face to shake us out of our complacency. Yes to love.

By Nejoud Al-Yagout
[email protected]

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