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Lebanese Army troops in face-off against Zionist forces

Beirut: Lebanese Army troops were deployed on Friday in the border region of Kfar Shuba in the face of Zionist troops.

The official National News Agency said the deployment was carried out in the aftermath of escalatory actions involving Lebanese citizens and the Zionist troops after the Zionists dug tunnels near the “blue line” that separates occupied lands from vicinity of the village of Kfar Shuba.

NNA quoted the official spokesperson of the international peacekeeping force (UNIFIL), Andrea Tenenti, as saying that the UNIFIL troops were sent to the troops’ face-off scene to defuse tension.

The Lebanese Army, during the latest tripartite meeting that grouped representatives of the Lebanese and Zionist armies and the international peacekeepers, called for cessation of recurring Zionist attacks and violations of the Lebanese sovereignty.

The Lebanese officers who took part in the meeting demanded that the Zionist forces remove barbed wires freshly installed at several locations in the frontier region.

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