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Lawyers optimistic political instability in Kuwait shall pass

By Majd Othman


KUWAIT: Under the sponsor of the Ministry of Information and in collaboration with Kuwait Society of Lawyers, Infinity International Center launched a two-day “Law and Development Conference”. The conference discusses the importance of activating the implementation of laws in Kuwait to achieve development.

The conference included Chairman of Kuwait Society of Lawyers Sharyan Al-Sharyan, guest speakers, Senior Legal Counsel Amr Wageeh, Director of Legal Affairs Department at Information Technology Company Haytham Al-Dakkour, Counsel Bilal Sandid, Lawyer Mohammad Al-Jasem and Lawyer Mohammad Bo-Abbas.

Speaking to Kuwait Times, Sharyan said despite Kuwait having been through many obstacles and regressing in most of the fields in the past, “we are still optimistic because Kuwait has always been pioneering, advanced and progressive for many countries regarding its laws, constitution, freedoms, press and theatre”. “Therefore, this development can get sick but cannot die,” he added.

Sharyan pointed out governmental and parliamentary changes in the country are considered normal changes that happen everywhere. “It is a temporary thing that shall pass through dialogue between the parliament and government that we are all looking forward to that,” he added. Sharyan stressed the country has many laws and legislations to help it develop, but the issue is that these laws are not being implemented due to a system of “exception” and behaviors that are not exposed to accountability.

“Observing Singapore, which is one of the most developed countries in the matter of infrastructure, streets and advanced projects, it is noticeable that the main pillar of its success is the implementation of laws on everybody,” he said. “When a corrupt contractor is not held accountable, then for sure there is a corrupt judge.” He discussed the importance of education to participate in upgrading the level of those responsible for the laws and their implementation, as well as setting legislations.

Sharyan concluded by saying that choosing the right person who has a vision, discipline and honesty, whether male or female, is a responsibility of the voters, which will help in selecting appropriate people who will improve the laws and their implementation for the development of the country.

The guest speakers discussed increasing awareness to understand the importance of laws and legislations for the success of the development plan, improving job performance of jurists in public and private sector institutions, enhancing the important role of legal departments in institutions and ministries and identifying the most important legal challenges related to development.

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