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Late payments risk stop of overseas treatment applications

KUWAIT: Ministry of Health (MOH) sources stressed that the ministry had not paid off the overseas medical treatment bills since last year and is waiting for the finance ministry’s support to do so. Otherwise, it might become difficult to receive new patients or continue the treatment of current ones, the sources warned. MOH has requested for a meeting with the finance ministry to discuss the matter, which might be taken for further discussion at the cabinet if the situation goes on for over a month.

Blood donors
The central blood bank urges donors with blood type O negative to report to the bank due to a severe shortage in that specific blood type and the growing demand for it in various hospitals.

Brave decision
National Assembly’s Deputy Speaker Essa Al-Kandari praised the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah for suspending an earlier decision to impound vehicles for two months if drivers commit certain traffic violations, and handling the situation by referring the topic to Fatwa and Legislation Department to study its constitutionality. Kandari described the minister’s decision as a brave one ‘reflecting high respect for the law.’

Restaurants violations
Chairman and managing director of the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) Essa Al-Kandari stressed the need to take new measures to protect consumers’ health, noting that inspectors abusing their judicial powers will be held accountable. Kandari also issued a directive to all inspection departments on gracing the owners of restaurants and various food stuff store and cafes a week to undo any violations prior to filing citations against them if they fail to meet the deadline.

Budgets needed
The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) recently circulated a directive to all government bodies planning to build extra constructions, urging them to provide the budgets needed for such projects. MPW stressed that no funds will be allocated for such projects from its budget over the coming years as its budget will be used to build and maintain rain drainage, sewers and strategic projects’ infrastructure. Informed sources added that these bodies will have to ask the finance ministry to fund their projects and include them within their budgets prior to asking MPW to execute them as ‘the state’s contractor.’ MPW has demanded KD 536.7 million for its 2018-2019 budget to be spent on various projects including the new airport which needs at least KD 272.1 million.

Security-related projects
Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water Essam Al-Marzouq said that Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) executed a number of security-related projects on its facilities including security gates, adding that KOC is keen on cooperating with the facilities security department of the interior ministry.

By A Saleh

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