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Large participation in cycling initiative

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The first stage of the Gulf cycling initiative will start on Thursday from Shaab seaside, going through Jaber Causeway to Subbiya, and will conclude in the free trade zone, covering a total distance of 120 km, with 90 participants from 11 countries participating.

Chairwoman of the organizing committee Sarah Al-Hubail said she was pleased with the participation of a large number of teams from the Gulf countries. “We overcame many challenges that threatened the continuity of the Gulf initiative, and we were keen on providing all safety needs for all participants,” she said.

Hubail said the initiative’s theme is to promote social responsibility and its importance to individuals and society. She said it also aims at promoting investment in personal goals and value of appreciating the abilities we have, adding each team has its own humanitarian message for the society.

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