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LAPA to launch Al-Jawhar training program next week

KUWAIT: Within a busy cultural season despite the curfew and   health precautions, LOYAC’s Academy for Performance Arts (LAPA) is currently preparing to launch its Al-Jawhar program. The program includes a number of media workshops professionally addressing youth with participation of iconic Arab media figures.

The first episode will be launched next week and presented by Lebanese media figure Jezail Khouri; one of the most prominent in the field over the past two decades who had interviewed top leaders, kings, presidents and creative Arab figures.

“LOYAC is a wonderful humanitarian organization that  is unrivalled in the Arab world because it helps youth from various Arab countries and extends helping hands to gift Arabs who have been suffering or had to become refugees due to war,” stated Khouri, noting that on her visit to LOYAC Kuwait, she  was highly impressed with what it presents to the youth in Kuwait, namely culture-wise. Khouri also expressed her  joy to contact gifted youth and pass on her experience to them. “Al-Jawhar is a unique experience beyond media and professional training,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, LOYAC’s chairperson Farea Al-Saqqaf said that Al-Jawhar is cultural media program through which youth will be trained by iconic media figures. “The program aims at building cultural bridges amongst Arab youth and peoples by effective Arab media figures to acquaint the youth with predecessor icons who had contributed to forming the essence of Arab culture,” Saqqaf added, explaining that the program will be open only for talented serious youth to take part in 12-14 workshops throughout the year offering those who undergo more than one workshop, the ‘Al-Jawhar Generation Certificate’,  in addition to future media training scholarships inside and outside Kuwait.

Saqqaf added that the program’s episodes will be open for youth from Kuwait and the Arab world and that each workshop would include 10-14 trainees undergoing two-hour five-day training through Zoom app. Further, Saqqaf noted that LOYAC is keen on offering scholarships and support to youth, namely those from Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan adding that there would be six scholarships; two for each country, for LOYAC youth or Arab youth residing in those countries.

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