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Land border, traffic chiefs moved in latest reshuffle

Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna and Sheikh Mohammad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah
Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna and Sheikh Mohammad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid issued three decisions transferring three assistant undersecretaries to new departments. Major General Abdullah Al-Muhanna was moved from traffic affairs to land borders, Sheikh Mubarak Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah from state security to administrative affairs and Sheikh Mohammad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah from land borders to legal affairs at the ministry.

New tariffs
The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) said the new tariffs will go into effect at the start of the fiscal year 2017/2018, as MEW Undersecretary Mohammad Bushehri wanted the new tariffs by April 1, 2017. The new tariff is 25 fils per kilowatt and KD 4 per 1,000 gallons of water.

Divorce statistics
The Statistics and Research Department at the Justice Ministry said that it registered 568 cases of “women asking to be divorced from their husbands”. The biannual statistics show that the number of divorce cases reached 1,711. Documented marriages from Jan to June 2016 number 7,503, compared to 3,587 divorces. The statistics also showed the month with most marriages was April with 1,604, while June saw the least. May saw the most divorces at 713, while June saw the least.

Sheep prices
Two weeks before Eid Al-Adha, demand for sheep has pushed the price of Naimi sheep to KD 100 to KD 120, while Iranian sheep prices have reached KD 75 to KD 95. It is expected prices will go up as Eid approaches.

Mutlaa city
The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) approved the second contract of Mutlaa residential project after opening the tender envelopes. The least offer was by a local Kuwaiti company at KD 94.8 million, while the highest valued tender was also by a local company at KD 162.5 million.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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