KUWAIT: KuwaitSat-1 will launch on Tuesday onboard a SpaceX rocket, carrying with it the hopes and dreams of Kuwaiti youth of further space exploration, said operational director at the National Project for the First Kuwaiti Satellite Dr Ahmad Al-Kandari on Sunday. Speaking to KUNA, Dr Kandari said that once the KuwaitSat-1 reaches its designated orbit, it will disengage from the rocket and spread its wings containing solar-powered batteries that will enable it to operate.

The satellite will be able to send its first message in four hours and two minutes after launch, with the signal received at a station at Kuwait University, he revealed. He went on to say the rocket used in the operation is able to carry up to 70 to 100 pieces of equipment. Kandari pointed out the launch of this particular project will pave the way for plans to further develop Kuwait’s space capabilities.

The official said the project had been four years in the making, consisting of seemingly never-ending training, research and studies by the project’s team members. KuwaitSat-1 has a high-definition camera which will capture important data and pictures of Kuwaiti waters to analyze the level of pollutants, he revealed. KuwaitSat-1 cost KD 316,000 ($1.032 million), with 67 members assembling the satellite, which took around 1,000 hours of work to be completed. — KUNA