Kuwait’s Islam

Kuwait is proudly a Muslim country. And to those who wonder ‘what does that mean in this world and in this time in which everything has changed?’ I say: Islam isn’t comparable with other religions that speak mainly to the individual. Islam, in contrast, speaks in equal strength both to the individual and the society.

The commandments to the individual are clear and known by all. As for the society, Islam commands it to be a ‘Muslim’ society in the sense that a stranger should know that he or she is in a Muslim country. The call for prayer is heard a loud five times a day, alcohol and pork products are not seen in markets, banks move slowly to Islamic practices and will all eventually become interest-free, Islamic criminal law is enforced, the tiny remainder of non-Islamic laws will be amended, and so on.

The issues that the Western World experiences are far from our part of the world. We shouldn’t allow Globalization to conquer our quarters after the West withdrew its military forces out of most of them. The issue of sexual orientation, for example, occupies a large space in the Western mind but is a ‘no brainer’ to us. Instead of allowing these ideas to seep into our culture, our guards at the gates should fight them and expose them for what they are: foreign, absurd, and invalid.
Our guards at the gates are our media. Our national and value-led media.

By Hamad Al-Sharhan

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