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Kuwait’s inguinal hernia cases within int’l levels

Dr Mohammad Al-Sulaimi

KUWAIT: Bariatric Surgeon at Sabah Hospital Dr Mohammad Al-Sulaimi said inguinal hernia represents nearly 75 percent of worldwide cases of hernia that take place under the abdominal wall, adding that it occurs on the right side of the abdomen more than the left, and that it occurs in men seven times more often than in women. He said some inguinal hernia do not cause any symptoms; the patient may even not realize he has hernia, and may discover it by accident during a routine medical checkup.

He said the patient may notice or feel the protrusion caused by hernia, adding that it will be more clear when standing, coughing or when the patient is exhausted. He said the general symptoms of the inguinal hernia is having a swelling in the abdominal area that may disappear when the patient lies down, feeling heaviness in the abdominal area, and being uncomfortable when carrying something or bending over.

Dr Sulaimi said the number of cases of inguinal hernia in Kuwait is still within the international rates, adding that there are two types of such hernia; direct, which occurs at the abdominal wall and does not get to the scrotum, and indirect, which may reach there. He said treatment can take place through surgery, to push the hernia back and insert a mesh to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Dr Sulaimi advised quick treatment of hernia to avoid complications, bearing in mind that prevention is better than treatment. He said prevention includes maintaining a normal weight, exercising regularly, avoiding exhaustion and not picking up heavy things.

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