Dr. Khalid Al-Saleh
By Dr Khalid A Al-Saleh

in Kuwait burns nerves. The temperature exceeds human beings' tolerance, especially after civilization increased concreted areas. Among the good ideas for practical solutions for the flames of Kuwait's summer is what we see in the expansion of The Avenues. It is not a blemish for the private sector to have practical solutions that become examples for the government, as both the public and private sectors are at Kuwait's service.

The idea of covering large areas, where you feel that you are in the open with natural lighting, moderate temperature, spaces you can use as you want, gardens, playgrounds, restaurants and shops, and even private residences. This is an innovative idea in which nature was adapted in favor of human beings, and this can be considered the best solution for the summer temperatures in Kuwait.

The human being is the student of nature - he learned from it and is still learning, and still needs its lessons. The first lesson the human being learned was from the crow, on how a human should be buried after death. He learned about fire from lightning, and about energy from the water's movement. He learned how to reclaim land from water, then dig the land so water can pass. So, learning from nature is not something new; rather it is an old habit, and we were very late in benefitting from it.

Whoever says the cost of power in these indoor spaces is high should ask experts, as shops inside these spaces consume less than half of the cooling power shops in the open under the heat are using. The cost of construction and maintenance can be made available if we partner with various sectors, bearing in mind the pros of these spaces towards the general mood and reduction of the costs of escaping abroad.

Thanks to the private sector that proved practically the success of indoor open spaces. I hope the government studies the feasibility of allocating one covered space in every residential area, where residents can walk, sit in the garden and shop, while feeling they are out of Kuwait's scorching summer and returning home in minutes with more comfort. Summer in Kuwait does not call for warnings or escaping. It only needs practical solutions that are now available.